Common-Sense Conservative Ideas

Richard Hilderbrand is a Republican who believes in upholding conservative principles that have proven the test of time, and applying those principles to the issues before the legislature. He believes in ensuring the core functions of government are funded - such as education, infrastructure, and public safety - and doing so in a fiscally responsible way. Beyond those and other similar core functions, government should be limited.

Among Richard's priorities are:

  • Protect our KPERS funds from borrowing to balance our budgets.
  • Protect our KDOT funds from being raided to balance our budgets.
  • Prioritize local control when it comes to education funding
  • Fight for our Constitution - with special attention to First and Second Amendment rights currently under threat.
  • Work for lower property and sales taxes, which have a disproportionate impact on working families.
  • Overhall our tax structure so we are competitive with neighboring states - a real issue in southeast Kansas especially.
  • Eliminate wasteful and unnecessary spending
  • Support legal immigration by ending sanctuary cities and elimniating in-state tutition for those who came into our country illegally.
  • Pro-Life -- Endorsed by Kansans for Life
  • Address growing poverty in southeast Kansas by creating an environment for economic growth and well-paying jobs
  • Promoting tourism in Southeast Kansas

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